Essential actions necessary to ensure district and school assets are, and remain, safe for students and staff to inhabit

Do First 

  • Audit necessary materials and supply chain for cleaning, disinfecting, and preventing spread of disease. 
  • Provide guidance for cleaning and disinfecting all core assets, including school buildings and playgrounds commensurate with the alert level when school resumes.
  • Alert school-based janitorial and infection control staff of any changes in recommended cleaning guidelines issued by OSHA and CDC.  It is expected that this guidance will be updated in real-time based on circulating levels of the virus in local geographies.

Do Before School Opens

  • Establish procedures for the first day of school based on alert level: Guidance for return to school procedures must be based on recommendations by the CDC and local health officials. These recommendations will be based on community risk.
    • Limit access to a small number of fixed entrances to ensure that persons entering are required to be present.
    • Where possible, parents of young children should remain in vehicles or outside of the building where their students will be brought to them.
    • If parents must enter the building, require hand washing.
    • Any person with cough or respiratory symptoms should wear a mask and maintain current social distancing guidelines.

Do When Schools are Open and Operating

  • Issue updated guidance to schools on infection control relative to alert level.