Essential actions to ensure technology infrastructure, assets, and guidance support an organized transition to classroom instruction.

Do First

  • Designate a single point of contact in your building to plan and communicate with district technology teams.
  • Develop a return to school technology plan for your school aligned to the district plan. If possible,  include training and support for teachers to adapt remote learning skills for the classroom.
  • Identify a device and or general technology support person for your building. You may already have a tech savvy staff member who informally supports your team. Consider elevating that position to a more formal role and providing additional support potentially with parent volunteers.

Do Before School Opens

  • Align school website with district website to avoid confusion.
  • Review district family technology survey results and present results to your staff.
  • Identify space in your building for device return and modify traffic flow to improve safety.

Do When Schools are Open and Operating

  • Communicate frequently with families regarding technology use in the building. If students are using their own devices make sure that communication includes the district’s bring-your-own-device policy (if you don’t have one, create it).
  • Review issue tracking and inventory results frequently as a way of understanding the facts regarding the quality and progress of technology processes in your building.