Where Public Education and Public Health Meet

A roadmap of essential actions to help district and school leaders plan and implement a safe, efficient, and equitable return to school

This Roadmap Is …

Based on Evidence and Expertise
The roadmap is informed by evidence-based public health and education emergency operations planning best practices and the direct feedback of epidemiologists, child infectious disease physicians, psychologists, district superintendents, leaders of public charter school management organizations, and school leaders.

Not based on opinion, political ideology, or conjecture.

Comprised of the essential actions designed to spur thinking, planning and prioritization and likely to have the most significant impact with limited time and resources.

Not an exhaustive list of every action that a district or school leader will need to take to return to school.

Part of a continuum of school decision making
This roadmap is one component of a continuum of school decision making and actions relative to SARS-CoV-2 that includes school closure and continuity of learning and services while schools remain closed.

Not a distance learning playbook or school closure guidance.

Designed to endure beyond SARS-CoV-2
This roadmap recommends actions that, while essential now, also provide blueprints for how to manage crises in the future.

Not static or applicable only to the SARS-CoV-2- epidemic.

A companion to traditional school opening procedures and public health agency guidance.

Not a stand-alone resource, legal or medical advice.