Essential actions necessary to ensure district and school assets are, and remain, safe for students and staff to inhabit

Do First

  • Convene janitorial and facilities staff to review and make actionable district guidance regarding cleaning and disinfection.

Do Before School Opens

  • Plan first day of school based on district recommendations.
  • Prepare facilities for the resumption of school:
    • Air filters should be changed regularly.
    • Janitorial services should distribute wastebaskets, tissues, and CDC approved soap to every office and classroom so that these materials can be used upon entry and exit into any discrete location and during transit between sites.  
    • Signage about frequent handwashing, cough etiquette, and nose blowing should be widely posted, disseminated, and encouraged through various methods of communication. 
    • Janitorial staff should follow guidance from the CDC about the use of face masks and special respirators at use when performing cleaning duties.
  • Conduct a facility walkthrough with your janitorial services team to ensure that the classrooms, common spaces, and the exterior are ready for staff and students.

When Schools are Open and Operating

  • Implement ongoing facility access control: 
    • Visitors should still be required to report through a single access point as standard school safety procedures remain critical.
    • After-school egress and exit points may be opened based on the pandemic alert level and in concert with local health official recommendations.
  • Maintain infection control procedures based on pandemic alert level and public health guidance:
    • At a minimum, school nurses should don surgical masks and maintain six feet of distance from potentially infected staff or students.
    • If closer contact is required, N95 respirators and contact gowns should be used if available to help minimize any spread of disease to nursing staff.