School Operations

Essential actions to ensure operations support a safe and organized transition back to classroom instruction

Do First

  • Conduct a staff assessment to understand who is coming back.
  • Develop a plan to replace teachers and staff who are not returning. 
  • Assess need for new or additional positions with a specific focus on student and staff wellness, but also including technology support. 
  • Recruit, interview and hire new staff.
  • Consider repositioning underutilized staff to serve core needs n (e.g., physical education serving as case managers post-secondary related processes).

Do Before School Opens

  • Build and send back to school communications to all relevant stakeholders (e.g., parents, school staff) and include updates across all workflows.
  • Create master teaching schedules, student and faculty arrival/dismissal schedules, bus schedules, lunch schedules for staff and students, and bell schedules with social distancing guidelines and  facility access control in mind.
  • Orient new school staff to any operational changes. 
  • Prepare a 2020-2021 school budget based on district guidance.
  • Verify that student and staff handbooks and planners are printed and ready for distribution. Create a master list of any changes to distribute at the first staff meeting.
  • Collaborate with cafeteria staff to ensure any necessary food handling changes are implemented.

Do When Schools are Open and Operating

  • Adjust all  schedules as needed based on public health guidance.